At Sustainable Solutions, we’re committed to providing your organization with the most effective sustainable waste management and ecological landscaping solutions available. The best way to do that is with a thorough on-site assessment where we:

  1. Establish Sustainability Goals and Parameters
  2. Provide Educational Training on Zero Waste and Composting Programs
  3. Implement Source Separation Stations
  4. Train Staff on Compost Handling Operations
  5. Measure Waste Streams and Establish Diversion Baseline



In-Vessel-300x225We provide intelligent and affordable on-site composting solutions. Our teams expertise in understand organic decomposition and commercial facilities management enables us to successfully design and implement problem-free systems for your commercial facility. Our on-site composting program involves:

  1. Determine and Design Appropriate On-Site Composting Method
  2. Site Identification and Development
  3. Installation and Construction of Composting System
  4. Educate Staff on Composting System Operations
  5. Inspection and Troubleshooting
  6. Compost Application and Ongoing Maintenance

Sustainable Solutions’ approach is to intelligently integrate this natural process with your ongoing operations. We control and monitor the composting process so that it is guaranteed to be problem-free.



Compost-Hand-300x214Our team can offer you ways to enhance your sustainability goals and initiatives. We have the proven experience and scientific expertise to successfully integrate applied compost science and practices. Value added services we offer include:

  1. Applied Compost Science and Practices
  2. Compost Industry, Science and Products Consulting
  3. Compost Teas and Extracts
  4. Vermicomposting (Composting Using Worms)
  5. Habitat Regeneration
  6. On-Site Organic Food Production: Food System Reform
  7. Soil Fertility and Biology Consulting
  8. Zero Waste Events

Contact us to learn how Sustainable Solutions can help your organization accomplish its sustainability goals.